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A Few Troubles, & More Lost & Found

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It was a day for vehicle troubles coming up the mountain today, as several people reported overheating cars on the way up the hill, including our presenter for the 1 p.m. Nature Talk on the Tsolum River! Luckily he was just a few minutes late & the small but appreciative audience greatly enjoyed the presentation.

A couple of significant items in the Lost & Found this week! A hiker is missing an Australian bush hat, left behind at Lake Helen Mackenzie. The hat has ‘Grizzly’ printed inside. This hat has great sentimental value so please contact coordinator(at)strathconapark(dot)org if you find it.

A child’s yellow Gap raincoat was dropped near the trailhead – contact us to reclaim it. Other items in the ‘Found’ box include an unexposed roll of Kodak 200 film; a Tokina lens cap, and similar sized gray filter; a Timex watch with fabric strap; one Cobra walkie-talkie; a pair of white child’s shoes; and assorted water bottles, caps and odds & ends.

The prescription sunglasses reported lost the other day have been found & returned to the owner!

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  1. It’s amazing what people drop on their adventures!

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