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A Variety of Visitors


A busy day in various ways at the Wilderness Centre today! I was able to add a new bird to the season’s list for Paradise Meadows. I went out to check on an unusual finch-like song, which turned out to be a male Red Crossbill at the top of a nearby conifer – brilliant red in the bright sun.

Male Red Crossbill

Male Red Crossbill

Several visitors that were going to attend a wedding tomorrow came in to get coupons for the chairlift tickets, a promotion by Mt Washington Alpine Resort. Apparently the wedding party was going to be going up on the chairlift, photographer & all – and the guests wanted to join in!

Two hikers came back from an overnight backpack to Circlet Lake, and while chatting they revealed that they were training for the West Coast Trail. For one it was the fourth time he would be doing that classic hike – for the other, it would be the 20th time!

A family came in to borrow the stroller which along with several wheelchairs are available to borrow from the Centre at no charge (though donations are always appreciated!) Late in the day, I found they had left their Iphone in the stroller! so was able to re-connect it with the owners, just in time before they left the hill.

Recent visitors have come from England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Australia – as well as a big group from China, and a Courtenay Youth Group. From Canada, several provinces have been represented with visitors from Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewa, Alberta, Yukon & of course BC.

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