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Today’s Level 1 Hike to Lake Helen Mackenzie was very much enjoyed by all, thanks to guides Mandy & Charley from the Comox Valley Naturalists Society. Charley advises that the beaver previously reported in one of the meadows ponds is more likely to be a muskrat, which have historically been found there. Signs of dam building in meadows

Cumberland artist Clive Powsey also gave a great slide presentation before his guided art walk through the meadows in the afternoon. Much of his landscape work is inspired by Strathcona Park – a selection of images can be found on his website.

A report on the recent CDMC trip around the Castlecrag Circuit is posted on their website.

Several notable birds seen recently at Paradise Meadows were posted on the Vancouver Island Birding Group Yahoo forum: “With a group of visitors from the U.K., I was birding in above-noted areas yesterday and this morning. We started with Paradise Meadows on Mount Washington, which was beautiful on such a sunny day. Almost immediately past the parking lot, we were greeted by two Gray Jays, then a Steller’s Jay a little further along. At least four Red-breasted Sapsuckers were seen; at the same location were Northern Flickers and Hairy Woodpecker. A Varied Thrush, which was perhaps the most-desired bird of the visitors, was seen by several people. Two Vaux’s Swifts flew above, and a Western Tanager was also up there.”

Sandhill cranes should be migrating over any time now. A birder from Victoria this morning added Townsend’s warbler & yellow-rumped warbler to the ongoing list at the Centre.

A bear was seen a couple of times along the Strathcona Parkway coming up the hill. Deer are also commonly seen along the roadside early & late in the day. Hikers on the ski hill reported seeing Vancouver Island marmots basking on the rocks.

Black-tailed deer

A few more lost & found items at the Wilderness Centre:
single key (no chain)
multicoloured hand-knit hat
MEC brimmed hat with Alberta pin
one zip-off pant leg in dark khaki
light gray shirt from Aug. 29 Divers Lake hike

women’s sunglasses on Aug. 30

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