Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Autumn Colours & Scents


Photographer Pam Davison sent some photos of recent colour in Paradise Meadows.

Blueberry Colours

Blueberry Colours

These low-growing blueberries turn different shades of red in the fall – the dark red is dwarf blueberry, while the pale red is bog blueberry.

Meadow Colours

Meadow & Mountain View

One of the most photogenic locations is on the Centennial Loop trail with a view of Jutland Mountain in the background.
Thanks Pam for the photos!

A visitor asked about an almond scent in the woods on the way to Battleship Lake, which I had also noticed on a recent hike. Apparently a species of Cyanide-producing Millipede, (Harpaphe haydeniana) has a strong almond smell, so that might be the answer!

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