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BC Parks Request for Public Input


“Strathcona Park, Forbidden Plateau Ranger Cabin”
BC Parks and the Strathcona Park Public Advisory Committee have been approached by the non-profit Alpine Club of Canada with a proposal to manage the ranger cabin on Forbidden Plateau as a fully accessible public facility. The cabin is located near Hairtrigger Lake, 6.5km from the Paradise Meadows trailhead and 10.5km from Mt. Albert Edward. The cabin is currently only used sporadically by park staff and the park maintenance contractor.

The Alpine Club of Canada is proposing to manage the cabin for both day-use as well as reservable overnight accommodation, potentially all year. The building accommodates approximately 8-10 beds.  Estimated overnight visits/persons – 100 (winter/spring), 210 (summer), 40 (fall). Provincial backcountry fees would apply for overnight use while day-use would be free or by donation.

As this facility is government owned, BC Parks is seeking public input prior to considering this proposal. 

Your comments are requested on the following:

1.Do you support the management of the existing government owned Ranger Cabin as a publicly accessible accommodation and day-use facility?

2.Do you support the transfer of building management (by way of a park use permit) to an independent operator, i.e. Alpine Club of Canada (Vancouver Island Chapter) or other non-profit group?

3.Do you have any specific concerns (i.e. Environmental, Social, Safety Related) regarding such a proposal?

4.Please send all responses by October 15, 2013 to Andy Smith, BC Parks, 1812 Miracle Beach Drive, Black Creek, BC, V9J1K1  or email (preferred)
Responses will be shared with the Strathcona Park Public Advisory Committee members who will consider and discuss all comments prior to providing the BC Parks West Coast Regional Director with any further recommendations.

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