Strathcona Wilderness Institute

BC Parks Visitor Stats


During the summer, data on the numbers of visitors assisted were gathered at the Strathcona Park Wilderness Centre.

In July, the Centre assisted 1029 visitors (over the course of 10 days staffed); in August, 2540 visitors (over 25 days); and in September, 926 visitors (over 9 days).

For comparison, BC Parks has the numbers that passed by the automatic counter at the Paradise Meadows trailhead. In June, their count was 91 (lots of snow still!); in July, 3070; in August, 4666; and in September, 3297. For October they estimate numbers will be about 3000.

So in terms of percentages, the Centre assisted 33% of the July visitors; 54% of the August visitors; and 28% of the Sept. visitors – quite an achievement!

The percentage is higher than I had guessed, observing on the busy days –  the explanation could be that on the busy days, the Centre can only interact with perhaps 15-20% of all those that use the trails – while on quieter days, the Centre can provide information to almost all of the visitors.

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