Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Berry Good Walk


It has been a great year for berries in the subalpine & the SWI guided Nature Walk yesterday found quite a variety. Species include black huckleberry, oval-leaved blueberry, dwarf blueberry, bog blueberry, crowberry, bunchberry, and Sitka mountain ash. We also covered many of the points of interest on the Paradise Meadows Interpretive Nature Walk brochure available at the Wilderness Centre or here on the website.

The best-producing places for gathering berries are generally areas that are regrowing after clearcutting (therefore not in the Park!) There are several such areas adjacent to the Park & along the roadside up to Paradise Meadows.

In spite of the change in the weather, the Wilderness Centre will remain open for visitor information for many days yet, until Thanksgiving weekend. The calendar on this website will be continually updated with the open dates.

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