Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Birds & Blooms

Saturday was a busy day at Paradise Meadows with several activites appealing to hikers & naturalists. Members of Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society (MARS) came up to give two talks: first on Whiskey Jacks; then on owls. The first talk featured the friendly camp robbers which many people like to feed, but which should only be eating their natural food such as seeds & berries. The Wilderness Centre is displaying several posters highlighting appropriate interaction with these active birds. The second talk  featured MARS  Barred Owl Shakespear, who was  rehabilitated after an accident. The owl is now an educational ambassador since she cannot be released back into the wild due to loss of an eye.

The bird presentations attracted a great audience of all ages especially when Shakespear was presented.

 Bryony Griffiths of MARS with Shakespear

MARS mandate, to conserve & protect native wildlife & its natural habitat through education & rehabilitation, is an excellent & worthwhile cause – hopefully many of those who attended the presentations will continue to support the society’s efforts.

The regular Saturday 10 a.m. naturalist walks around the meadows are continuing, with the basic ecology interpretation about Paradise Meadows supplemented with notes on the particular flowers blooming. Although many of the blooms are tiny, they are appealing to photographers!

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