Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Buttle Area Updates

Gerry Roberts, volunteer host of the Buttle Lake Info Hut for Strathcona Wilderness Institute, sends his latest report of the most recent conditions from that area of Strathcona Park.

June 23-24:

Crest Mountain Trail: Snow around the 1,200 metre level, very slippery and hard on south and west facing slopes, not safe without equipment. Summit areas solid with wet slushy surface making it difficult to retrace one’s steps in heavy cloud/fog conditions. This was from an experienced Swiss couple.

Elk River Trail: Snow at 2nd campsite avalanche snow undercut by water flow- care needed crossing snow bridges though they were close to two metres thick- it is important to check before crossing. It was not possible to go any farther due to very high water flow from Landslide Lake outlet. This was the same Swiss couple.

Upper Myra Falls Trail: Many windfalls and very muddy. From a Campbell River man, he was a very experienced and mature walker.

Road to Bedwell in excellent condition, it has been graded and roller compacted all the way to Jim Mitchell Lake. This from a mine employee.

Previously from June 19:
Road to Bedwell trail-head has been graded and rolled so is in excellent condition even for small cars.

Reported Monday 18th that the snow on the Bedwell trail was at the 2,400 foot level and that the crust was breaking on contact.

 Reported Friday 15th night that the Elk River trail was difficult due to high water and washouts and that there was snow at the second campsite beyond which it was impossible to find the trail.

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