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Canada Jay for Canada’s National Bird


The National Bird Project initiated by Canadian Geographic is in full swing with more than 10,000 votes for various birds to become Canada’s National Bird. Strathcona Wilderness Institute is promoting the Gray Jay, also known as the Whiskey Jack, as well as the Canada Jay – what better bird to represent the country?

Friendly Whiskey Jack at Croteau Lake

Friendly Whiskey Jack at Croteau Lake

Other contenders include the Canada Goose, which in spite of having Canada in the name, is not the greatest choice, since it is a bit of a pest! It also travels south for the winter – not the best ambassador for the Great White North.  The Canada Jay is friendly, smart, resourceful, and hardy – thriving in the cold Canadian winters .

Other top vote-getters include the Common Loon (already Ontario’s provincial bird), the Snowy Owl (already Quebec’s provincial bird), and the Black-capped Chickadee (already New Brunswick’s provincial bird). Why not vote for a species not already acknowledged as much as it deserves – the Canada Jay!

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