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Castlecrag Quake


Castlecrag is a very distinctive mountain from the Paradise Meadows/Forbidden Plateau area, and is a feature where the effects of the 1946 Vancouver Island earthquake are readily seen.

On June 23, 1946 a 7.3 magnitude quake centred in the Forbidden Plateau area on Vancouver Island shook houses off their foundations and toppled brick walls & chimneys in the Comox Valley & beyond. Luckily it was a Sunday otherwise many buildings would have been occupied & injuries would have occurred.

Hole in roof of Courtenay Elementary School where chimney fell

In Strathcona Park a well-known result of the earthquake is the rock slide off Mt. Colonel Foster which created Landslide Lake. Less well known perhaps is the change that occurred to Castlecrag Mountain.

Castlecrag 1943

Castlecrag 2010
Compare this 1943 photo of Castlecrag by Lynn Hilton with a current photo. Although the vantage point is slightly different, the change in the turret on the right can be seen – it now resembles more of a spire.

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