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Classic Shots at Hairtrigger & Whiskey


With the continuation of brilliant weather, it was time for a trek to Hairtrigger Lake. This hike offers several classic viewpoints of Mt. Albert Edward, the icon of the Forbidden Plateau area.

First view of Mt Albert Edward

Hiking counter-clockwise (on the west side) around Lake Helen Mackenzie, the first iconic view of Albert Edward is not till cresting the col between Mt Elma & Mt Brooks – just before the Ranger Cabin. This location provided the cover photo of the ninth edition (2002) of Hiking Trails 3, although it was a picture-perfect spot for myself & no doubt many others for years before that.

Hairtrigger Lake & Mt Albert Edward

Hairtrigger Lake must also have inspired countless photos – the water beautifully reflects Mt Albert Edward & its mirror image Mt Regan. To me the key element in this composition, that I have made many times, is always the position of the pyramidal rock on the foreshore.

Mt Albert Edward, Mt Regan & Jutland Mtn from Whiskey Meadows

Continuing on from Hairtrigger Lake and descending toward Circlet Lake, then returning via Whiskey Meadows, Mt Albert Edward is seen from a different angle, and Jutland Mountain also comes into view – a different perspective from the views of these mountains at the trailhead.

Jutland Mtn & Blueberry Meadows

Back at Paradise Meadows, a classic autumn shot – the descending sun setting the carpets of dwarf & bog blueberry on fire.

We reached Hairtrigger Lake, 7.8 km from the trailhead, in 2 hrs 40 minutes, then had a more leisurely pace around the various meadows & lakes for the remainder of the day – a total of 20 km over 8 hrs.

View Paradise Meadows to Hairtrigger Lake in a larger map

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