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Croteau View Hike

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The hikers to Croteau Lake yesterday enjoyed good weather, great views & interesting flowers.

Davidson's Penstemon

Davidson’s Penstemon

At a rest stop near Lady Lake we found Davidson’s penstemon in the rocky area.

Panorama View

Southwest Panorama

At Croteau Lake, we climbed up a small rocky outcrop for a panoramic view of the mountains to the southwest: Castlecrag, Mt Albert Edward, Mt Regan, Jutland Mountain, and Mt Alexandra.

Spreading Phlox

Mount Washington View

To the north was a view of the Mount Washington ski hill with bunches of spreading phlox in the foreground.

Albert Edward Peak

Albert Edward Peak

At the peak of Albert Edward we thought we saw hikers! but it may have just been the rock cairn on top.

Common Butterwort

Common Butterwort

On the way back, at ‘Brooks Pond’, was an abundance of common butterwort, with the purple flowers contrasting with the lime-green leaves.

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  1. Lovely photos. Especially the Penstemon and Pinguicula. Makes me want to be there!

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