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Cruickshank Canyon


Although the weather was mixed it seemed like a good time to have a look at the Cruickshank Canyon. This is a 20-21 km round trip hike, and you should allow at least 7-1/2 – 8 hours, even more for photographing & fully enjoying the surroundings. The day began with blue skies but soon high cloud gave a more diffuse lighting to the landscape.

Waterfall into Lake Beautiful

It took about 3 hrs to reach the south end of Kwai Lake and another 20 minutes to Lake Beautiful.

Whiskey Jack at Lovely Lake

There are numerous ponds immediately adjacent to Lake Beautiful to the west, which are not yet named. Perhaps ‘Lake Lovely’ or ‘Pretty Pond’?

Cruickshank Canyon southeast

Another 20 min. across a flat plateau brings you to the spectacular canyon.

Cruickshank Canyon & Mt Regan

The clouds shifted constantly for glimpses of the mountains to the south. Although the peaks upward were somewhat obscurred, the view downward was dramatic.

Bird’s-beak Lousewort

Many flowers are still blooming out on the Plateau, overall a bit later than in Paradise Meadows.


Returning on the west side of Lake Helen Mackenzie, there were many blooms in the wet areas. The leaves of grass-of-Parnassus look a lot like deer-cabbage, but the veins of the leaves are different.

Composition in Green

The false hellebore was quite striking on the Plateau, and seemed to glow in contrast to the other foliage. It was a challenge to photograph the infinite shades of green. Another trip to the canyon is a must! on a sunny day next time.

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