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Fire in the Park


A fire in the Wolf River valley area of Strathcona Park, on the west shore of Buttle Lake, is increasing in size. We observed the fire in its early stages a week ago, when it was just a few localized spots – we were told that it had already been reported many times, but was just being monitored at that stage, due to the difficulty of getting a crew into the area.

Fire on lower slopes of Mt Titus, seen from Buttle Lake Road Sept 1

By this past Wednesday, after a week of hot sunny weather, there were several helicopters on the scene fighting the fire.

Helicopters at Fire on Wed. Sept 5

After a windy afternoon the size had increased again.

Fire on Wed. evening, from Augerpoint Trail

Thursday morning the air was calm, and the fire was still lower down the mountain, with smoke now drifting up Buttle Lake.

Fire on Thurs. morning, from top of Augerpoint Trail

By Thursday evening, with increased afternoon winds, there was a dramatic change – the fire had jumped to the top of Mt. Titus, with flames clearly visible.

Fire on Thurs. Sept. 6 evening, from Buttle Lake Rd.

A mine worker told us that he had seen the dry lightning strike on August 19 that started the fire, and had reported it then, although no action was taken at that time.

Smoke over Mt McBride, south side of the Wolf River valley

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