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First Rain

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The first sprinkles of rain in more than seven weeks fell at Paradise Meadows yesterday – but luckily not till after the photo walk with Chris Carter. In fact overcast days are great for photographing many subjects as this example shows.

Rich colours & textures are enhanced in the diffused light.

Numerous king gentian and leafy aster are flowering in the meadows right now. There is a good patch of northern bedstraw blooming on the east Centennial trail, and still a lot of orchids, cottongrass, & Menzies’ burnet. Sitka burnet & partridgefoot are mostly finished.

A blue heron was reported in the meadow ponds, an unusual occurrence , although it also happened last year.

Among the many visitors were a group of Junior Rangers from Tahsis & Port Hardy, enjoying several days of activities around the Park.

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  1. Chris Carter has some amazing photos of Paradise Meadows during fall on his website. Thanks for the Paradise Meadows Plant ID Guide which I find useful.
    (BTW, I tried posting this under the blogsite but couldn’t get past the CAPTCHA. It’s too tough)

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