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Foggy Mountain Colour

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Thick fog on the way up the mountain today – but at the 1100m elevation of the Wilderness Centre, the day started above the fog! However soon the clouds rose up higher & the remainder of the day was mixed.

Paradise Creek

The muted light is great for photographing the fall colours.

Gold crossing

The bright yellow-green is the foliage of Jeffrey’s shootingstar, while the orange-golden grass is the tufted clubrush.

King Gentian closed & open

Flowers are still blooming in the meadows also – the king gentian is abundant this year, and some blooms are even open – a rare sight.

Russula sp.

Not all the brilliant colours are from leaves & flowers- there are also some colourful mushrooms!

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  1. Nice photos. I can’t wait until the fall colors intensify a bit more.

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