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Forbidden Plateau Snow Report


The following report was received from hikers who traversed the Plateau & came out July 17:

“Came through from Forbidden Plateau to Mt Washington on July 16 – 17th. Still 5 – 10 ft of snow at Mariwood, Beautiful and Kwai Lakes. No visible foot traffic on snow past Kwai. Lakes Mariwood and Kwai still mostly frozen with snow on softening ice.

Trail between Kwai and Helen MacKenzie still mostly snow and will become quite dicey as warm weather continues as there will be lots of soft snow bridges. Already lots of rushing creeks under the snow bridges.

Had a good look out toward Lake Beautiful and the Cruickshank Canyon, lots of snow out that way too although Lake Beautiful is no longer frozen.

Trail from Panther Lake past Johnston and Douglas/McKenzie lakes going to Plateau not bad if you pay attention but still lots of large snow patches on trail. “

Thanks to these hikers for sending along this update (I think we met on Saturday!) Other reports welcome – just email me through the Strathcona Wilderness Institute website at the Coordinator link.

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