Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Gold Level Volunteer: Gerry Roberts

One of the longest-serving volunteer directors for Strathcona Wilderness Institute is Gerry Roberts of Gold River, a small community beyond the western boundary of Strathcona Provincial Park.

International visitor with Gerry at Buttle Lake Information Hut
Gerry has operated the Information Hut at Buttle Lake in the heart of Strathcona Park for over 12 years, giving reliable, up-to-date advice on hiking in Strathcona Park to visitors from all over the world.
Gerry with complete map of Strathcona Park

“Because of the remote situation, Gerry is often a beacon for tourists with all kinds of questions and problems,” says Steve Smith, one of the founding directors of the Institute.  “He takes messages for visitors trying to connect with each other, or gives motorists gas if they are in need, and often helps visitors plan their day with safe and sensible suggestions for their hikes. He has on occasion actually taken stranded hikers to his own home to help out.”

Visitors at Buttle Lake Hut

His good advice and his knowledge of Strathcona Park’s vast wilderness has probably saved many park Search & Rescue calls over the years — and probably saved lives as well. Last year Gerry Roberts was named BC Parks Volunteer of the Year.

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