Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Hike to Croteau

As a preview to the guided hike on Saturday, I did the trek to Croteau Lake via Battleship Lake & returned via the Lake Helen Mackenzie loop. The trails are all in great shape & the weather was (and will continue to be) excellent.

Getting beyond Paradise Meadows is a chance to see some flowers that aren’t found in the meadows area, but are more typical in the woods & rocky bluffs heading for the lakes & the Plateau beyond.

Battleship Lake from the south

Red paintbrush at lookout east of Lady Lake

Mt Elma view from Croteau Lake

Davidson’s penstemon at Croteau Lake

Mt Allan Brooks from island in Lake Helen Mackenzie

Copperbush along Lake Helen Mackenzie north shore trail

Saturday’s hike with naturalist Robin Harrison starts at the Wilderness Centre at 9 a.m.  – it should be an easy pace, about 6 hrs. total, with lots of time to look at flowers.

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