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Hike to Johnston Lake

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The weather was spectacular for Saturday’s hike to Johnston Lake, with clear skies and scarcely a breeze. The intense blue sky reflected in the numerous ponds & lakes passed along the way to our destination.

Islands in Johnston Lake

It was about 4 hrs. and 11 km in to this less-frequented lake, just past Panther Lake on Forbidden Plateau.

Johnston Lake Colours

Autumn colours are just starting on the Plateau.

Croteau Lake with Mt Albert Edward beyond

Whiskey Jacks were almost constant companions at every rest break.

Sandhill Cranes

The definitive highlight of the late afternoon was hundreds of Sandhill Cranes high overhead, migrating south. Their unmistakeable croaks announce their presence long before you see them.

View Paradise Meadows to Johnston Lake in a larger map

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  1. Thanks for posting this as I decided to do a day hike there also. I’ve been to Panther Lake before but never to Johnston Lake. I also saw some Sandhill Cranes. Fall colors should be nice a couple more weeks from now.

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