Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Latest Blooms

Another beautiful day at Paradise Meadows! We installed some plant signs today, in preparation for the Spring Plant & Bird Walk on Sunday July 15 at 1 p.m with expert naturalist Betty Brooks.

The newest blooms (not all have signs):
white mountain-heather
three-leaved goldthread
arctic lupine
early blue violet
false azalea
Alaskan blueberry
oval-leaved blueberry
black huckleberry
American wintercress (by the amphitheatre)

 False azalea (or false huckleberry): the bell-shaped flowers look like a huckleberry, but the leaves are quite different – they appear in clusters. There are good examples of this shrub at the very first zigzag part of the Paradise Meadows trail.

 A good example of globeflower, alongside the marsh marigold: the main thing to notice is that the leaves are quite different, with the globeflower having segmented leaves while the marigold has rounded leaves. The flowers are also somewhat different ( in the meadows anyway) when seen side-by-side: the globeflower petals are much wider forming a full cup shape.

A preview of birds for Sunday’s walk also: this female sooty grouse was by the side of the road, along with a couple of chicks that were too fast for the camera!

I will be placing a few more plant signs on Saturday, starting about 1 p.m. from the Centre  – anyone who wants to come along is welcome!

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