Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Lost & Found Valuables


Another busy day at the Wilderness Centre with hikers visiting from several countries. A few notable items were reported to the lost & found:

A bracelet was reported missing from somewhere around the Lake Helen Mackenzie loop – it contains white & green semi-precious stones, with a magnetic clasp. Anyone finding this item please turn it in to the Wilderness Centre, it would be greatly appreciated by the owner.

A small purse was turned in by a hiker & returned to its owner shortly after – a happy ending, since the owner was from the US & just visiting for a short time.

Several hikers have reported seeing a red daypack on the way up to Mt Albert Edward, since Aug. 25, but so far the location has not been pinpointed sufficiently for Parks Facility Operators to find the pack. Apparently it contained a few articles of clothing. There has been no inquiry from anyone missing the items.

We have had good luck in returning many valuable items to their owners – but check our Lost & Found box if you are missing anything – there are various items of clothing, keys, and even prescription glasses. At the end of the season in mid-October, remaining items will be taken to a thrift store – or in the case of glasses, donated to an optometrist for the needy overseas.

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