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BC Parks has several downloadable maps to help you get around Strathcona Provincial Park. Print them out, and take them with you.

BC Parks General Map

BC Parks General Information

Strathcona Wilderness Institute has produced a map of the Forbidden Plateau area, and a map of the Buttle Lake area. Check our online shop here.

How to get into Strathcona Park
Strathcona Park is located on central Vancouver Island and is accessible via the Comox Valley, Gold River, and Campbell River. Day users will be interested in two access areas: Buttle Lake and Forbidden Plateau.

Buttle Lake
The main access to the centre of Strathcona Park is via Highway 28 which connects Campbell River with Gold River on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Follow Highway 19 north past Courtenay to Campbell River, then follow Highway 28 west for 48 km. Highway 28 passes through the northern section of the park and provides access to Buttle Lake. Gas and services are not available between Campbell River and Gold River.

Paradise Meadows/Forbidden Plateau
The main access route to Forbidden Plateau from Courtenay and Campbell River is via the Paradise Meadows trailhead at Mount Washington. From Highway 19 follow the signs to Mount Washington alpine Ski Resort (exit # 130 – Strathcona Parkway) for 17.5 km. Turn left onto the Nordic Lodge Road for 2.4 km to the Paradise Meadows parking lot.


Click here for BC Parks information on the 2 km wheel-chair accessible Centennial Trail at Paradise Meadows.

The trails & routes of Paradise Meadows & Forbidden Plateau are marked on the map below.

View Forbidden Plateau Trails & Routes in a larger map

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