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Natural History of Forbidden Plateau Area


Recently a valuable historical document came into my hands – ‘The Natural History of the Forbidden Plateau Area’ , dated 1954, by George A. Hardy, Botanist and Entomologist of the Provincial Museum – now the Royal BC Museum – in Victoria.

This fascinating report starts with the topography, climate and geology of the area and then compiles information on the plants, invertebrates, insects, and vertebrates known to the area at that time. Several evocative photographs are included.

At the back, a fold-out map shows the area surveyed including  the ‘Strathcona Park Reserve’ – described as being much of the Forbidden Plateau area.

I will be looking through this document & posting some interesting excerpts over the next while.
One bit of trivia – did you know that other than the Royal Ontario Museum (established in 1912), the other Provincial Museums received the designation of ‘Royal’ as part of their name only after Queen Elizabeth II visited them – the Royal BC Museum in 1987, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in 1993,  the Royal Alberta Museum in 2005.

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