Strathcona Wilderness Institute



Marmots, Mushrooms and More.

Tuesday September 12th to Friday September 15th


Join Strathcona Wilderness Institute for 2 full days exploring Paradise Meadows & parts of Forbidden Plateau in Strathcona Provincial Park, plus 3 evening presentations.

Registration is limited to 10 – deadline August  28th 2017


Welcome & introductions  4.30 pm Tuesday at the Wilderness Centre at the Paradise Meadows trailhead.

2 Full-day Field trips on Wednesday & Thursday:

  1. a) Croteau Lake, out by way of Battleship Lake &  return by Lake Helen Mackenzie  (up to 12 k long circuit, 180 m elevation change, all trail & boardwalk).
  2. b) Douglas & McKenzie Lakes & Meadows (up to 3 km long one way, minimal elevation change; short walk along road, mostly trail, stream crossing, meadow).

Pace will be slow, stopping to observe plant and animal life en route. Trip a) starts from Paradise Meadows. Trip b) involves a short drive down the mountain to the logging road access and 20 minutes along the logging road. 

Evening Presentations:   Topics for the evening presentations include the History of  SWI,  Subalpine Ecology, Marmots,  Basic Mushroom Identification, First Nations Foodways.

Optional half day hikes on Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning.


Accommodation  will be at  the Vancouver Island Mountain Sports Centre with catered meals and space for evening presentations.  For more information contact

View/print off the registration form here