Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Peak Week of Hikes


The last part of August is typically the busiest time for hiking in Strathcona Park as the weather is usually reliably sunny. Participants enjoyed a Strathcona Wilderness Institute guided hike to Hairtrigger Lake last Sunday, with many photo opportunities.

Whiskey Jacks at Hairtrigger Lake

Lunch at Hairtrigger Lake

Whiskey Jacks came to visit during lunch at the lake.

Castlecrag Mountain

Castlecrag Mountain & Mt Frink

Around the lake are views of all the mountains to the south & west.

Mt Albert Edward & Strat Mountain View

Mt Albert Edward & Strata Mountain View

The red rocks of Strata Mountain stand out against the background of Mt Albert Edward, Mt Regan and Jutland Mountain.

The Comox District Mountaineering Club had several more ambitious hikes into Strathcona Park recently.

Boulder Field up to Mt Myra

Up to Mt Myra

Destinations have included a one-day trip to the Comox Glacier , Mt. Myra near the south end of Buttle Lake, and Crest Mountain towards Gold River.

View of Sandbag & Tennent Lakes

View of Sandbag & Tennent Lakes

Lots of beautiful scenery on all the trips – thanks Tim for the photos from the Mt Myra hike!

A hiking group from Probus did the Forbidden Traverse over several days last week.



Some late-blooming Prince’s-pine , also called pipsissewa, was on the trail.

Five-leaved Bramble

Five-leaved Bramble

Among the abundant berries are the tiny fruits of five-leaved bramble. Thanks Marrilynn for the photos!

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