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A couple of visitors from Abbortsford BC sent a photo of an encounter on July 22 in the Park.

Black Bear Cub

Black Bear Cub

“Here is a picture my wife took of a cub we spotted on the trail between Lake Helen Mackenzie and Battleship Lake. He scooted up the tree about two meters and then eased down as we backed away.”

A neat encounter, and the correct response – backing off & choosing a different path. Here is a link to BC Parks info on bear safety. If there is a bear sighting of concern in the Paradise Meadows area, the Parks Facility Operator will post a yellow notice at the trailhead.

With regard to human visitors, July was a busy month, with over 2700 visitors! This is slightly higher than the numbers from July last year. Total visitors to the Wilderness Centre this year including events & programs adds up to almost 4100 over 56 days, compared with 3250 over 45 days by the end of July last year . Both years average about 72 visitors per day to this point in the summer.

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