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Slowly Melting


The snow at Paradise Meadows is slowly melting – the amount appears similar to late June a couple of years ago (when there was record amounts of snow) – so up to six weeks earlier! The Wilderness Centre will be opening on Friday May 30 this year for Park & trail information – just weekends to start , then every day with the help of volunteers.

Wilderness Centre View

Wilderness Centre View

This great view from the Mountain Sports Centre across the road shows the backdrop of the Wilderness Centre – Mt Allan Brooks in the mid-ground, Mt Albert Edward, Mt Regan & Jutland Mountain in the background. The piled gravel in the parking lot to the left of the building is actually mostly snow! which should melt with warmer temperatures.


  1. Hey, I’m thinking of doing the trek through Elk RIver Valley next weekend. This trail is usually free of snow by late June/early July isn’t it? So with much less snow this year, would that trail be nearly snow free?

  2. Hi Rob, we don’t have reports from the Elk River trail yet, but my guess it that it would be o.k. – here is a link to a CDMC report from last June 9th – so assuming conditions are a month ahead of last year, it is probably fine.

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