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Snowshoe to Battleship

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Tim Penney sent some notes & photos of a recent outing up at the meadows :


Deep snow

We a had a fun snowshoe trek today out to Battleship Lake.”


At the Edge of the Lake

“We had to break trail most of the way in deep soft snow that was up well over our knees for a lot of the way.”


Lake Edge

“It was snowing quite heavily at times on our way to the lake but soon after we stopped for lunch the sun broke through the clouds and provided great light for photography.”


Brilliant sun on the ski hill

“Here are a few shots of the trip and a couple of the SWI building that is slowly getting more covered in snow.”


Wilderness Centre in the snow

“The dark sky, shadows and clean snow make for a nice contrasty scene.”

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  1. That much snow up there already or is that from last year?? Wow!

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