Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Spring at the Centre


The Comox Valley has had spring for a while now, and at the 1100m elevation of the Paradise Meadows trailhead to Strathcona Park, spring is also underway.

At the Trailhead

The Wilderness Centre & signage at the trailhead are free of snow, however the BC Parks parking area at the trailhead is still piled high with gravel & snow from the winter clearing of adjacent parking areas at Mt Washington Alpine Resort. Visitors will have to park at the Raven Lodge for now.

Looking North at the Wilderness Centre

There is still a metre or so of snow behind the Centre & on the trails immediately past the trailhead.

Signage at the First Junction

The snow level varies from about 1.5 m to bare patches around some trees and other warm surfaces.

Melt in the Meadows

Snow is melting rapidly in the meadows, and at this rate, the boardwalk could be free of snow in a month or so. In the meantime, conditions will be tricky as the snow melts from underneath in many areas.

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