Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Spring Golds of the Meadows

Summer in Paradise Meadows is just arriving – there is a stretch of beautiful weather predicted! However yesterday felt more like late winter or early spring, with intermittent rain all day, and the meadows ponds and creeks overflowing with rushing water among the melting snow.

A patch of blue sky to the north – forecasting full blue skies  for the next several days.
Swamp Lantern – a more fitting name for Skunk Cabbage
The dampness did accentuate the colours of flowers and foliage however – with skunk cabbage lit up like golden lanterns. Down in the Comox Valley, these were blooming months ago!

Golden centres of Marsh Marigolds brighten the meadows

Marsh marigolds are extremely abundant right now – carpeting the entire meadows, growing even in rushing water.

Fern-leaved Goldthread (Coptis asplenifolia)

A smaller gem of a flower, easily overlooked, is the tiny spider-like flowers of fern-leaved goldthread – there is a substantial patch near the Buckbean Pond – the pond just past the first junction, on the west side of the meadows.

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