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Strathcona Park Master Plan

Vision Statement for the Strathcona Park Master Plan Beyond the Year 2000

This Strathcona Park Master Plan Vision Statement was compiled in 1999 by BC Parks in association with the Strathcona Park Public Advisory Committee (SPPAC) through a series of six public workshops. The aim of the workshops was to review and update the 1993 Master Plan which outlines proposed park management policies. The vision statement looks forward to describe the character of Strathcona Park into the future. A clear long-term vision helps guide short term management actions and assist in reacting to changing demands in recreation and incorporating new approaches to conservation management. Through this ‘bigger picture’, the vision provides a context in which to guide park management in both the short-term and the long-term.

Strathcona Park is the wilderness heart of Vancouver Island. It is part of a system of natural areas that conserves the biodiversity of the island and protects ecosystems which are representative of the natural environment of BC. Strathcona Park also provides and protects outstanding wilderness recreation opportunities. It plays a significant role in the protection and recovery of rare and endangered species. Its ecological integrity is being preserved, and in some cases, has been restored.

Recreational opportunities are provided without compromising the conservation values and objectives of the park. The core of the park remains as remote natural area and supports low levels of non-motorized sustainable recreation opportunities. In backcountry areas, recreational facilities have been developed or upgraded to limit impact. In some locations users are restricted to maintain the wilderness experience. In the more intensively used “frontcountry” areas, developed facilities provide recreation opportunities for a diverse range and larger numbers of park visitors, while minimizing impact to park values.

As part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Strathcona Park has an international profile for appropriate research and education. It provides opportunities for interpretation, education and research and has facilities that reach a large number of park users.

The people of BC are involved in the planning and management of the Strathcona Park. BC Parks is working with First Nations for the mutual benefit of the park and the First Nations. Volunteers are welcomed and integrated into park management. The Strathcona Park Public Advisory Committee provides advice in the implementation of the Master Plan and responsible management of the park. For matters of local interest, additional comment is sought from the public that has been kept well-informed of park planning and management. The management of the park integrates the vision and passion of the diverse surrounding communities and the general public of British Columbia.

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Strathcona Park Master Plan Amendment 2010
Strathcona Park Master Plan Amendment 2001
Strathcona Park Master Plan 1993