Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Strathcona West Side Updates

Updates received this weekend via Gerry Roberts, volunteer operator of the Buttle Info Hut for Strathcona Wilderness Institute:

Flower Ridge

July 25th. Large blow-down after about 4.5kms, difficult to get over. An unknown person has flagged a route around the roots take care to remember the route for coming back down. Small area at start of alpine clear of snow; snow starts before the first high point and is almost solid from then on.

Bedwell Lake

On July 26-27 to Bedwell Lake. Ran into snow just before Baby Bedwell and then had much more on the east side of Baby Bedwell on the ascent up to Bedwell. Continued with on and off snow along the east side of Bedwell with 2 stream crossings that required fords in the late afternoon on a sunny day (able to hop across on rocks the following morning when in a cool fog bank).

The tent platforms were melted out at Bedwell.

Tennant Lake/Mount Myra

The East Tennant Creek bridge is more or less intact. There is some damage to the railings on the up hill end and a section of broken railing has been replaced with rope.
One note that might amuse you is that there are warning signs at Tennant Lake: “No diving in the dam” and “Do not walk across spillway”. The water level in the dam is quite high and water is running across the spillway, maybe only about a half inch or so, not enough to get wet feet.. The spillway wall is about a foot wide and is not slippery.

The trail to Tennant is fine, just one big fallen tree a bit past the trail head, the same one that was there last year. However, there is a way around it. No difficulties.
The platform at Tennant Lake is clear. There are patches of snow beyond Tennant on the way to Sandbag Lake.
If you know the trail, it is easy to find. Sandbag Lake is pretty well still frozen over but the creek is running well so lots of drinking water. There are a few dry camping areas near Sandbag.
The route to Myra is mainly snow covered as is the route to Thelwood.

Thanks also to Pam for the updates on the East Tennant Creek bridge conditions!

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