Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Sunny Day for a School Tour


It was a great day for school tours at Paradise Meadows – at least six classes came up to visit. Teachers at Puntledge Elementary had contacted Strathcona Wilderness Institute in advance, so we were able to accompany a couple of the classes on their hike to Battleship Lake.

Along the Meadows Boardwalk

The kids learned some of the principles of ‘Leave No Trace’ wilderness ethics, as well as some natural history notes, and info about Strathcona Park. They also participated in a fun cooperative game, and helped gather up the plant identification signs in the meadows, as the season is drawing to a close.

Overlooking a Meadows Pond

Teachers are welcome to contact the Institute (email is best) to have a nature guide accompany the group. There are at least three other classes that we will be assisting before the end of the month.

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