Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Updates on Conditions

In response to a visitor inquiry, Gerry Roberts at the Buttle Info Hut has the following updates:

“As of last Sunday all alpine campsites were snow covered; it was reported that Arnica Lake area was under about a metre and a half of snow, Arnica Lake was frozen and had over half a metre of water on top. As Marble Meadows is at a higher altitude and usually has more snow which can still be around in August I’d expect it to have at least the same amount or more.

There are some clear spots on Flower Ridge but so far no flowers reported.
The trail and campsites up the Elk River are clear of snow but quite rough due to high water damage.”

At Paradise Meadows, the boardwalk is essentially free of snow but the Battleship/Helen Mackenzie loop will have some snow patches so care is needed to stay on track. Two weeks of sun are forecast though – it’s looking good!

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