Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Volunteer Report


Today’s Wilderness Centre volunteer staffer Kate reported a busy day at the Centre in spite of cool temperatures. A wallet was found in the parking lot & turned in to Mt. Washington’s Alpine Lodge – the owner can claim it there by calling Security at 250-334-5753. A leash was turned in to the Centre – this obviously means a dog was off-leash at the time! which can result in a fine, as pets are required to be leashed at all times in the Paradise Meadows area.

Hikers also reported a couple of maintenance items which were passed along to the Parks Facility Operator – all reports are appreciated and the PFO does a great job following up.

There is lots of space in the campgrounds, & the trails are reported to be dry & in good condition.
The ten campsites at Lake Helen Mackenzie were constructed by volunteers from the Comox District Mountaineering Club in 2001.

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