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Wheelchairs in Paradise Meadows

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Photographer & hiker Tim Penney sent the following note & photo about his family’s great experience at Paradise Meadows:

“My sister-in-law is booked in for a hip replacement on September 19th and is currently having a hard time walking around. Her sister, visiting from England with her husband, recently had a hip replacement and still can’t walk very far either. So, it was great to be able to borrow a couple of wheelchairs from the SWI Centre and be able to do the Paradise Meadows loop with them. Both girls really enjoyed the outing that would have been impossible for them without the borrowed wheelchairs and, of course, somebody to push them.

Family Outing

Family Outing

In addition to the information that is available at the SWI Centre I think that having the wheelchairs available for occasions such as we had yesterday is a fabulous additional service that you provide. It was much appreciated by my family both here in the valley and visiting from England.”

Thanks Tim for the note! The wheelchairs at the Wilderness Centre are available for anyone to borrow for use around the 2 km accessible Centennial Trail.

One Comment

  1. Fantastic! Will do that with my mom somethime!

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