October 19, 2014
by KapteinK

2014 Visitor Stats

Visitor stats from the 2014 season at the Strathcona Park Wilderness Centre:

10,445 visitors assisted: (the most ever)
Centre was staffed 125 days, the most ever, from May 30 to Oct. 13 = overall average 83 visitors to the Centre per day.

In May, 81 visitors (2 days staffed= average 41 visitors/day);
in June, 1315 visitors (25 days staffed=average 53 visitors/day);
in July, 2803 visitors (30 days=average 93 visitors/day);
in August, 3667 visitors ( 31 days=average 118 visitors/day);
in September, 2220 visitors (24 days=average 93 visitors/day);
in October, 440 visitors (11 days=average 40/day).

As in previous years, these numbers include those who attended walks, talks & hikes, as well as groups such as students who visited the Park & whom we assisted.

Other groups & visitors who use the Park without visiting the Centre are not counted in these totals. Total numbers of Paradise Meadows visitors are recorded by the Parks Facility Operators. In general we assist between 1/3 to 1/2 of all visitors to this area of Strathcona Park.

Visitors at SPWC came from:
Comox Valley: 37%
North Vancouver Island : 8%
South Vancouver Island : 24%
Rest of BC : 7%
Rest of Canada : 8%
USA : 4%
UK/Europe/Western Asia : 9%
Other Countries : 4%

Countries represented:
Canada: 11 provinces/territories
BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Yukon.
USA: 32 states
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Louisiana, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maine, Maryland, Delaware, Vermont, New York.
Europe/Western Asia: 22 countries
England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia.
Other countries: 26 countries
New Zealand, Australia
Japan, China , Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore
India, Israel, Dubai, Qatar
South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya
Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, Guatemala, Columbia
Bermuda, Martininque

Compare with last year’s SPWC visitors here.

Thanks to all for another great season!

October 15, 2014
by KapteinK

ENews Survey Results

Subscribers to our regular ENewsletter received a link to participate in a survey on their preferences for outdoor skills programs.
We had a great response with 39 surveys completed!
We asked four questions:

1. Strathcona Wilderness Institute is considering organizing outdoor skills programs in 2015. Which one would most interest you?
Map & Compass Navigation, GPS Navigation, or Wilderness First Aid: over half of the respondents preferred a Map & Compass workshop.

2. Which season would you prefer to attend?
Of respondents that chose a Map & Compass workshop, about half preferred spring, with fall as the next preference.

3. What length of course would you prefer?
Of respondents that chose a Map & Compass workshop, most preferred a one-day workshop.

4. What is the maximum course fee you would pay?
Of respondents that chose a Map & Compass workshop, about half would like to pay $50 or less, with most of the remainder willing to pay up to $100.

Based on the results of the survey, it looks like the main interest is for a one-day Map & Compass workshop in the spring, with the cost well under $100.

For the next step, we will look into scheduling options – stay tuned!

To participate in more surveys, & receive regular updates, please sign up for our E-Newsletter – fill out the yellow box on the right!

October 14, 2014
by KapteinK
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Thanks for the Season!

With Thanksgiving weekend over, the Strathcona Park Wilderness Centre has closed for the season. Yesterday was an appropriate finale, with rain & wind driving the last backpackers from the campsites. Everyone was still happy with their time in the Park however, and a group from the lower Mainland, Belgium & the Yukon warmed up with hot chocolate in the Centre before heading back to Victoria.

With another week of this rainy weather in the forecast, there will no doubt be snow on the mountain peaks when they are next visible!

Stay tuned for a summary of the season’s stats of visitors & countries!