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Augerpoint Traverse


A quick report of the Augerpoint Traverse from last week – five days, four nights, westward from Paradise Meadows to Buttle Lake.
The route goes over Mt. Albert Edward & down the south-west ridge & then back up to Ruth Masters Lake, then up again to a ridge (with side trip up Augerpoint Mountain) leading to Jack Shark’s Augerpoint trail, down to Buttle Lake. Total distance about 35 km, cumulative elevation gain about 2000m.

Castlecrag in the misty morning, on the way up to Mt. Albert Edward

Bonsai arrangement

Sickletop lousewort
Moat Lake & Castlecrag

Red paintbrush

Heading up to the peak of Mt. Albert Edward
Sooty Grouse

Many plants found only in the alpine:

Silky phacelia
Spreading phlox

Western anemone seedheads

Waterfall outflow from Ruth Masters Lake

Skim of ice on Ruth Masters Lake

Some uncommon plants at Ruth Masters Lake:

Columbia Lewisia

Yellow mountain-heather

Tolmie’s saxifrage

Mt. George V above Ruth Masters Lake

Mt. Regan & Mt. Albert Edward from Augerpoint Mountain


Bonsai on Augerpoint Trail ridge
Buttle Lake from top of Augerpoint Trail

Sedum sp.

Sunset on Augerpoint Trail ridge

Golden Hinde morning

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